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We invite you to learn more about Sylvania Rehabilitation Center and the services we provide for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

As you travel this site, please know that our treatment programs are tailored to your individual situation and the particular needs that will assist in your recovery. We specialize in Myofascial and Craniosacral Release therapy, as well as traditional physical therapy and La'Stone Massage therapy. 

Contact our office and schedule an evaluation to determine the best method of treatment for your needs. Whether you have an injury or a condition that requires the alleviation of pain, we are here to make life more comfortable for you as you find your way to total health and wellness.  

We accept most insurance coverage and take MasterCard/Visa and check payments for co-payments.

http://sylvaniarehab.com/images/expertise.jpgExpertise.com reviewed 72 Physical Therapists in Toledo. Sylvania Rehabilitation Center was chosen as one of their Top 10!